HideEntity is a Third-Person sandbox-style hybrid of Role-Playing, Stealth and Shooter games, set in a detailed post-apocalyptic science-fiction dystopia. Gameplay-wise, it can be described as a cross between RPG/Stealth/Shooters such as Deus Ex, and open-ended free-roaming games such as The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Fallout 3. Lore-wise, the setting is inspired by the likes of Shadowrun, Blade Runner and Fallout. See the Global Vision for more on the ideas expressed through the game.

In the wake of a nuclear war that has forced mankind to retreat to sprawling underground cities, the player assumes the role of a genetic engineer possessing a unique device, the BioSystem, capable of modifying his DNA code and granting him new powers that replicate a wide range of naturally-occurring phenomena in the animal kingdom (bat sonar, lizard regeneration, chameleon camouflage, feline night vision, etc.). This prized object - regarded as quasi-magical even in the game-world - makes the character the target of a number of megacorporations that will attempt to seize it - preferably from his cold, dead hand. The main quest involves exploring both the seedy quarters of various underground cities, as well as the ruined remnants of the wasteland above ground, in order to hit the headquarters of various megacorporations for information, survival, and ultimately fulfill several goals: break the oppressive oligarchy of megacorps, take revenge on his former employer who murdered his wife and child, and set in motion a plan for ecological research so that mankind may one day return above ground. The player is free to explore a number of other locations to do side-quests, and to stage infiltrations and assaults on optional megacorporations.

General Gameplay

extracting DNA strands, chromosomes and cells from almost any living organism. These can then be synthesized on-the-fly and injected into his own body, modifying his DNA signature and granting him new powers such as regeneration (harvested from lizards), optic camouflage (chameleons), etc. Most of the game revolves around harvesting genetic materials and combining them into different skillsets adapted for the necessary tasks and environments.


An escalation of violence between nations over the control of natural resources from 2055 to 2070 led to a short but devastating nuclear war. The resulting nuclear winter forced a large part of North America to take shelter in vast underground cities. Research in cloning technologies was already well underway before the disaster, as a means of assessing economic independance and to guard against the increasing scarcity of resources. These technologies have been used to migrate and recreate many of the plantlife and animals in underground farms. This has enabled a certain degree of independence from the outside world, but the new balance of power is held by the megacorporations that hold these technologies and the resources thus created. They vie to rule the roost in the shadows of society, most people being unaware of the various acts of spying, theft, infiltration and shootings that happen between them.

Enter the game

The player assumes the role of a biogenetic engineer whose home has been the target of an arson, and finds his spouse and child killed. The tragic scene is the playable introduction of the game, and by the first hour of gameplay, the main character goes from being employed in a lab to being a homeless fugitive. He learns that the megacorporation for which he works has sponsored the crime, as part of a vast cover-up intended to make everyone who has worked on the Ark Project disappear.

The Game World

The game world is comprised of multiple environments. On a global scale, the player has access to 9 underground cities, and about 25 overworld wastelands. They are all situated in North America. The current state of the world outside North America is hinted at during news reports, heard from people talking on the streets, and so on, but the player cannot visit them in the game as no proper methods of transportation will be available for him to do so.

All the environments are closed, and linked by tunnels or doors (more details).